A job interview can feel like riding a wave of anxiety. Don’t get us wrong, but whoever said an interview is a cakewalk clearly never went to give one! The fine line between confidence and overconfidence can stress even the best of us.

That being said, cracking a job interview is not rocket science either. The pandemic has opened doors to new career pathways and futuristic jobs. New job interview statistics have emerged and employers across the world are ready to hire the best talent available. So sip on your favourite beverage and read on!


Approximately 75% of applicants get overlooked because their CVs aren’t clear enough. Your CV should be as concise as possible. Sure, it is a struggle because there are so many things that you have done and can do, but it’s important to not appear over the top. For instance: If you are a content writer but also have a certification in digital marketing you could list the certification in your achievements or hobbies. Doing so lets the recruiter know that you are being honest. Companies look for candidates who have concrete experiences and education. A 4-5 line introduction that is not cliche or ripped off the internet gives your CV an upper hand.

Don’t forget to update your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a great medium to vouch for your authenticity and established companies are sure to search for you online!


You have only 7 seconds to make an impression. From your attire to how you present yourself, be aware and act in the moment. No amount of pre-prep can prepare you for what the person in front is going to say but don’t let that dull your confidence. Do not hesitate to ask for some water or for something else that you may need to feel a little more comfortable. Keep smiling – it will help you be at ease and your recruiter will appreciate it too! A mark of healthy confidence. Bottom line: dress professionally and greet politely.


If you are sitting on the interview chair, then you should have already memorised the company’s profile alongwith the saga of all your achievements and experiences. A crucial and often sidelined interview question is “Tell us about yourself”. We bet you have often thought that it is the easiest, but it isn’t. How innovatively and honestly you answer this question sets the tone for your entire interview. It may come as a surprise to you, but you can have a healthy conversation with your recruiter rather than it being a one-way street. If you’re asked a question you may not know the answer to, don’t hesitate to take a moment to think. The recruiter will appreciate your tactfulness more than if you give a spontaneous or hurried answer. If you still don’t know how to respond, it is okay to let the recruiter know that you aren’t aware of the nuances and will attempt to answer the question to the best of your capabilities. Bottom line: Be confident, Be honest, Be sharp.

Below are some statistics conducted on randomly sampled working professionals and recruiters in India:

  • 67% of job seekers are not able to make eye contact
  • 39% of candidates get rejected due to voice quality, overall confidence levels, or the lack of a smile
  • An astonishing 80% lie in their resumes
  • 47% of candidates fail job interviews because they don’t have enough information about the company they applied to.
  • 63% of recruiters say that the lack of talent is their biggest problem (So bring something new to the table)

A lot of jobs in the management sector are not always posted online and instead work on referencing. These can be accessed through good networking. At The Vedica Scholars Programme for women, our alternative MBA courses work on holistic development and all-around education preparing women to excel at academics and people skills.

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