The Benefits of Pursuing Vedica Scholar

Benefits of Pursuing Vedica

The Vedica Scholars Programme is a one-of-a kind post graduate programme for women in India that encompasses a multidisciplinary curriculum comprising management, liberal arts, communication and personal growth courses, taught in a span of 18 months, in an intense yet enriching design that aims to build a dynamic tribe of strong, resilient women professionals equipped to shatter the proverbial ‘glass ceiling’ and redefine paths of growth and excellence. The programme gives a certificate in leadership and management practice and guarantees
assured placements of all its candidates.

This programme, an all-girls college, is modeled around the idea of becoming ‘corporate and career-ready’ that reflects in its layout of a unique pluri-disciplinary curriculum offering a variety of disciplines, that help you find your niche and submerge your faculties beyond the surface. The course offers a variety of skill development workshops, effective communication courses and mentorship modules to hone your technical skills, soft skills and interpersonal skills that contribute to an individual’s holistic development.

The Vedica programme is multi-faceted in that it propels you to put on different thinking hats to make the most of every class that you attend. On a normal day, this could mean gliding your way from ‘Marketing Management’ to ‘Sociology’ followed by ‘Visual Storytelling’ and finally wrapping up with an ‘Excel Workshop’, a ‘Tutorial’ or a ‘Guest Session’!. In a nutshell, there is never a dull moment at Vedica as you are constantly journeying through a
multiplicity of subjects, learning and expanding your horizons. Over the course of this adventure, you begin to connect the dots and discover how the courses are stitched together that shape your perspective.

Vedica prides itself on its esteemed faculty and mentors who are subject matter experts in their various fields hailing from different walks of life and backgrounds. Their guidance and expertise lend to scholars’ long-term growth and career development at the workplace as they share insights from real-time experiences. The course is mindfully curated to gear students in skills and attributes that are paramount in every field of work. These intersectional courses at the juncture of management and arts modules include decision making, personal finance, design thinking, negotiation mastery to name a few.

The pedagogy follows a continuous assessment approach and consists of individual assignments, group projects, presentations, quizzes, exams and mini participatory tasks that prepare students to intelligently tackle with the dynamism of the corporate world. This inculcates the ability to deliver, prioritize, think on their feet and develop team-work spirit in a time-bound, ever changing working environment. Moreover, the emphasis on group activities enables students to share and ideate creating an aura of peer-learning and collaboration.

Further to an enriching curriculum, the Vedica programme also provides internship opportunities in a multitude of fields to scholars. It also promotes extra-curriculars through various clubs where students participate, pick up a new skill, exchange insights and showcase their talents. Vedica, in this fashion, celebrates diversity in its true sense, offering a gamut of opportunities and integrating a diverse cohort of individuals. In all dimensions, Vedica echoes its ethos and values and remains focused on building a cadre of ambitious, women professionals.

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