Voices of Vedica

“I graduated in Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering from KIIT University, Bhubaneswar in 2014. From there I joined TCS and worked in banking & financial services application development. During my stint there, I worked across geographies, handled two large North American projects, got multiple promotions, became the team lead and delivered excellence to our clients. 5 years in though, I felt the need to upgrade my skill set and recover some of the sloughed creativity.⁣

I wasn’t keen on pursuing a traditional #MBA and wanted to explore courses on creative communication, liberal arts, and the like. With the pandemic slowing things down, I knew it was the time to course-correct. As luck would have it, I found Vedica through Linkedin. I soon learnt that the Programme included tracks in #LiberalArts, Communication and Women’s Leadership. I was instantly attracted to Vedica’s carefully crafted curriculum designed for an all-round development of ambitious women. I was certain that Vedica would nurture my creativity and enhance my leadership skills. ⁣

⁣Though the pandemic cut short my time at the hostel, I have made a lot of memories–endless assignments and movie-nights made it special. We are currently in the middle of a heavy term which will be followed by the exciting ‘Shadow a Woman Leader Module,’ something I am really looking forward to. ⁣

I have spent more than a year in the programme and some of the highlights for me have been:

-Impeccably managed hybrid model: online & offline⁣
-The best of the faculty for every subject⁣
-Extremely active and cooperative TAs⁣
-Various committees that work so hard to make the journey better– I can say this as we as part of Careers Committee also ensure the same⁣
-Placement preparations conducted for scholars⁣
-Marvellous guest sessions ⁣
-Peer-to-peer learning & knowledge exchange in the residential model

-Ritupanna Mohapatra

“I graduated in 2019 with a degree in management studies from the University of Delhi. I have always been interested in pursuing a career in management since my school days. During my graduation, I got an opportunity to intern with Air India Ltd. and that is when I realised that there was so much to learn about businesses before I actually entered a workplace.

Just before the pandemic hit, I was preparing for the #CAT. Even after securing a fairly good percentile, I wasn’t sure about joining a traditional B-school, hesitant about its ability to help me stand out. But I continued giving interviews. One day while scrolling through Instagram, I came across Vedica’s profile and was awed by their unique take on #management education. The work they do on communication and #personalgrowth seemed thoroughly captivating. It wasn’t easy to take the decision of going ahead with my post-graduate programme in the pandemic year. I kept thinking of the impact of the pandemic on the economy and if that would pose a problem in securing a good job. But more than the anxiety about a job, I didn’t want to delay my post-grad. I took the leap of faith and joined Vedica in September 2020.

One year into the Programme, the learning and varied experiences have taken over and today I’m confident that it will lead to good outcomes. I am getting to experience amazing courses, two of my favourites include Leadership and Inter & Intra-personal Dynamics. One of the things that I was quite keen about while joining was the “Shadow a Woman Leader” Module and I have recently been mapped to a senior woman leader at Godrej.

I have made friends here, and spent some memorable time with them in the hostel. We cook food together, colour each other’s hair, celebrate birthdays and festivals, party, watch movies all night and of course–complete assignments. Memories that will stay with me forever.

Retaining women in the workforce and inspiring them to become leaders is Vedica’s motive and I now feel like I am part of the story. 

-Pragati Gogna,

Vedica Scholar, Class of 2021