Women's Leadership Program

Women and Leadership Programmes

The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women is focused on creating women leaders and bridging the gender inequality gap at the workforce. It is a postgraduate certificate programme in leadership and management practice that aims to assist women in their holistic development for sustainable career paths and leadership roles in the corporate world.

Women, through such leadership programmes, are empowered to bring their essence, the right mental frame and a drive to excel to the teams they join. Women leaders possess the ability to change attitudes and reform workplaces to accelerate growth in the corporate sphere. It is important to reiterate the presence of women in leadership positions as they create a culture that is enabling and promotes the development of their teams. By acquiring and honing leadership qualities, women can pave the way for accommodating and nurturing workplaces that are pillared around the trust and belief of their people. This further propagates a company’s values and differentiates it from others.

In this manner, leadership programmes unearth vital qualities in a women such as emotion, empathy, resilience, appreciation, inspiration and mentorship among others that promote enriching, collaborating and vision-oriented workplaces. The Vedica scholars programme for women promotes this through its interdisciplinary curriculum encompassing workplace communication and personal growth tracks over various mentorship modules and networking opportunities that enable women to be effective leaders.

The ‘Shadow a Women Leader’ module offered by Vedica is also a one of a kind module that prepares women to shadow a senior women leader to understand what it entails to deal with the challenges of the workplace and how one can mitigate the same for effective decision making and problem solving as a leader.

To further the idea of leadership and to build inclusive workplaces that support diversity, the Vedica programme has launched The Vedica Women’s Alliance (V-WA) that is a membership-based network for senior women leaders from the industry. It aims to ‘aggregate, amplify and advocate’ women’s professional success, as portrayed by its tagline. The platform recognizes achievements of various women leaders and creates a community of exchange and insight for younger, aspiring women to thrive on. In this way, leadership programmes encourage the contributions of women as leaders and role models creating followership.

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