Have you felt the need to advance your career through an MBA programme? Have you wondered which one is the best for you and why? For many women professionals and aspiring women entrepreneurs, getting an MBA seems like the next logical step to facilitate their careers.

An alternative MBA curriculum at The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women helps build holistic leadership skills required to succeed in any field. The objective is to combine practical insight into management practice with a focus on women’s leadership styles.

Here’s a sneak peek at how we do things differently:


A traditional MBA curriculum is made up of courses focused on business disciplines. Businesses do not operate in silos, so why should an MBA curriculum? The Vedica Scholars Programme offers an integrated approach to women that helps them better understand the interdependent nature of core business disciplines. This way they know what to expect in the real world.


The contemporary workplace is changing, and so is the attitude of professionals towards jobs. While job titles are still important, companies are now increasingly seeing the value of entrepreneurial individuals who can think out-of-the-box and can develop transferable skills and knowledge. Another cornerstone of The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women focusses on an innovative curriculum where young women are exposed to women leadership early in their career.


The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women aims at putting the future first and constructs a curriculum that enables them to build successful, break-free careers. Most freshers and working professionals also seek a flexible programme where they can explore the various facets of business management. At Vedica, the four pillars of our curriculum – the Management Track, Liberal Arts Track, Communications Track and Personal Growth Track groom women to be leaders in their respective fields. This equips them to break the glass ceiling and excel beyond the expectations of their peers and themselves. The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women has executed a bold idea to disrupt higher education with a re-imagined management curriculum. A programme that puts the future of women first and builds around that vision.


Deconstructive thinking is about decoding a finished puzzle and constructing it again with a different perspective. Similarly, a business situation at times needs to be reassembled and optimized in a better fashion. For example, the founder of a grocery E-commerce portal looking to enter a new market might modify their company’s supply chain to deliver specific needs to consumers from the closest distributors, which will help minimize overhead costs and also will help with ensuring the freshness of the product. Lengthy data-driven analysis can lead to the same result but the real skill is in being able to see the full picture and adapt to it. It is well known that an MBA can help with this issue only partially and most of it comes from work experience. But at Vedica this is achievable through experiential learning from practitioners who have been there and done that!

In additional to a unique learning experience, Vedica also ensures that these young women become financially independent after the programme, by promising each student a job. Vedica has had 100% placement track record across years with average salaries of 9+ Lacs and highest salary of 22 lacs.  Vedica Scholars alternative MBA programme can help you connect with a diverse group of peers from across the country and become part of one of the strongest communities of women in India.

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